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Sport & Performance Psychology

Sport & Performance Psychology services make use of evidence-based mental and behavioral tools for peak performance in your sport, performance situations, and your life. 

Mental Health In Sport and Exercise 
Despite the many benefits of sport and physical activity, athletes of any age also face unique mental health challenges. Examples include:  
Emotional aspects of recovering from an injury
Lack of motivation or enjoyment in sport
Anxiety related to sport performance or progress towards goals
Body image concerns 
Lack of confidence in sport 
Mental Training for Peak Performance 
The mental skills involved in performing an athletic task can be trained, just like a muscle. They include: 
Concentration: Learning to direct your focus where it is needed the most 
Self-Talk: Identifying the things you say to yourself that might be hurting your maximum performance and replacing it with effective internal dialogue
Routines: Developing patterns and habits that facilitate your best performance
Visualization: Imagining the athletic tasks you want to perform at your best
Relaxation: Learning to regulate your emotions as they come up during an athletic tasks. Finding strategies that let you use that emotional energy to help your performance.  
Rugby Players

Group & Team Interventions 

Teams and professional groups can benefit from learning skills togehter. Examples include: 

Effective team communication


Team conflict resolution

Collective vision and goal setting


Consultation with coaches about team issues


Currently Dr. Hubbard is only available for group and team consultations. If you're interested, reach out!

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