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Self-Care Workshops

How to Get the Most Out of Your Therapy Sessions
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The therapists and health coaches at Grounded Wellness want to support you with some ideas and advice for how to engage with the process of therapy, so that you can maximize the benefits you can get from it. We share information on how to find a therapist who is a good fit, self-care practices and how they can translate into your therapy, the role of mindfulness and journaling in your therapy process, and how to overcome any of your personal barriers to being honest with your therapist (and when and how to do that)

It was recorded LIVE and you can receive the recorded presentation and the handout packet for $17 by clicking "download".

Holistic Wellness Strategies for Restful Sleep
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Rest is revolutionary! In this webinar we discuss strategies for developing healthy sleep routines and include advice for mental and physical health. Grounded Wellness therapists and health coaches will show ways to create your personalized sleep strategy that takes your personal life circumstances into account. Sleep is the foundation of health!


It was recorded LIVE and you can receive the recorded presentation and the handout packet for $15 by clicking "download".

WORKING THROUGH THE WORRY: Strategies for Heart, Mind and Body
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In this this virtual workshop we present strategies to  to help you build skills to manage emotions, thoughts, and your body's responses to worry and anxiety. You'll learn ways to organize thoughts and feelings and support your body through nutrition and movement with simple steps. 

It was recorded LIVE and you can receive the recorded presentation and the handout packet for $15 by clicking "download". 


Let us help you bring more self-care into your work space. We can create workshops and processes with you that help your employees and colleagues be their best self! 


We use knowledge of psychological science and specific techniques from yoga and performance psychology to help your work place be at its best! Please contact us and we will develop a customized plan for your company's needs. We have three different levels of interventions we can offer:

RECHARGE: Active self-care sessions including mindfulness and yoga

RECALIBRATE: Wellness education for how you can build more self-care into your life to create lasting change. 

REIMAGINE: We assess your organizations self-care needs and processes and help you shift the culture of your organization to one that encourages and facilitates self-care. 

When you complete our contact form, indicate that you are interested in our workshops!

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Make self-care the habit, not the exception. This workbook includes exercises and resources in self-care, but most importantly, a process for how to find time for these activities in your day. You will be able to find more time for self-care, even if your environment does not support self-care practices. 

Your can download this strategy for $11.  

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