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African-Centered Yoga

Grounded Wellness advocates for self-discovery and developing practices that align you with your values. We believe that yoga can be one of those practices. Dr. Rebecca Hubbard offers Kemetic Yoga (Kemet is the ancient word for Egypt), which has its foundation in African philosophy. 

Yoga classes are paused at this time. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on when they resume!

Yoga Mat and Straps

Free Yoga Resources

Click the link below to find free resources to deepen your personal connection to your yoga practice and learn more about Kemetic yoga. This resource page is always growing so check back often! Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to learn about new resources we offer on our website. 


Private Yoga and Small Groups

Dr. Hubbard also includes Kemetic Yoga practices in self-care workshops and other wellness events. Events can be tailored to the needs and budget of our group or organization. Also available virtually now! Click the link below and complete the form to be connected with Dr. Hubbard for a free consultation on a workshop that includes yoga. Also remember to check out our Self-Care Workshops page!

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